Imagine a world where everyone, everywhere, lives in glowing health and happiness…

In this world, the physical and emotional challenges we’ve battled for millennia are no more. And in their place: a renewed sacred relationship with our bodies and minds, and our environment.

We live in harmony with nature. We heal by returning to nature. And in knowing and embracing our own true nature, we savor every moment in unshakable peace and joy.

The idea of humanity thriving in a lush, illness-free utopia has long been a staple of science fiction.

Yet despite our proven track record for achieving the “impossible”: when it comes to our physical and emotional wellbeing, we are in many ways drifting further off course.

From cancer and obesity, to depression and anxiety, to pandemics and lifestyle-related illnesses: why does wellness continue to elude us?

The answer, according to ancient and modern science alike, is our growing disconnect with the purest and most potent source of healing:

The essence of nature itself.

The Natural Law is a film that aims to shine light on that essence. The steps we can take to reconnect with it, outlined for us in a 5,000-year-old sacred science. And the lifelong wellness we can reclaim by understanding and embodying nature’s code.

A film by Amish Shah

My journey in making The Natural Law began with a personal crisis…

It all started in my twenties. I was a tech entrepreneur obsessed with hard work and harder play. The dot-com boom was in full swing, and I was riding it with a string of multi-million dollar companies. Some of them even got in the Inc. 500 list. And I was getting on yachts and private jets for an endless blur of parties, champagne towers, and sleepless nights around the world. I didn’t care about my health, because I felt invincible. At least until my choices caught up to me on a random Wednesday evening just before my 30th birthday.

There I was, standing in the shower, when my life changed forever…

The water from my rainfall shower was thumping on my head as I stared out my bathroom window. I saw my sprawling garden. My sports car collection. The sunset reflecting off the ocean. I knew I was rich with material possessions. But my health couldn’t have been poorer. I looked in the mirror, and saw someone who looked decades older. I was overweight and bloated. I felt exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. My skin had strange lumps and rashes all over. I was in constant pain and discomfort. I felt aimless and empty. A surge of twisting pain shot through my inflamed stomach, and in that exact moment I whispered to myself:

“Your life is nothing but a waste.”

For a few agonizing seconds, all I wanted was for my life to be over.

I pulled myself together for long enough to get myself checked up – and received the worst news of my life.

I was diagnosed with fatty liver. Pre-diabetes. Pre-cancer. Thyroid issues. Stomach ulcers. Chronic indigestion. And my cholesterol was at 370, the second highest in the doctor’s office.

This was my wake-up call:

I was in a heal-or-die situation.

At my doctors’ advice, I began taking fistfuls of pills every day. I started exercising. I went to bed earlier. I watched my diet and took a green juice every morning.

And because I wanted to cover all the bases, I also took up spiritual and alternative healing practices like meditation and yoga. 

I even decked out my house in crystals and ancient healing mantras.

Yet somehow, the pain wouldn’t go away…

And it even got worse, as I developed constant migraines, sinus and skin infections, and diarrhea. Every day became a dance with agony. I couldn’t leave the house. I couldn’t work. And my wife was left alone to raise our two young kids as I hid in our bedroom, writhing in pain. From MRIs to CAT scans, I got tested a dozen more times to see if there was something I was missing. The final straw came when one doctor told me:

“We can’t find anything else wrong with you – but we’d like to increase your daily pill prescription!”

That’s when I realized I needed a new perspective. And that’s when I turned to the natural science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been in my family for generations. I grew up with it myself, but there’s a big difference between doing something passively and taking the time to fully understand and master it.

With my health and my life on the line, there was no more time for half measures.

I started by studying everything I could find about Ayurveda: from ancient texts, to scientific literature, to stacks of case studies. I was fascinated but overwhelmed. So next, I began searching for the best experts who could help me decipher and apply everything.

I wrote them emails. I called up their secretaries. I set up in-person meetings with them, and bought flight tickets for all across the United States and even India. As I began meeting these experts and studying with them, everything started to fall into place…

And I was rewarded with three distinct breakthroughs that transformed me forever:


The first breakthrough I found in Ayurveda was that it's the world's only truly complete system for holistic health and healing.

So much of modern healthcare is good. The same goes for the alternative healing practices so many people use.

But Ayurveda is the only system that brings all of these practices and modalities together into a system that helps you understand your body and its unique needs. Where your ailments are really coming from.

And most importantly, the exact steps you need to take to reclaim your health, your connection with yourself, and with the essence of nature itself.


The second breakthrough was what I experienced when I began using Ayurvedic practices.

Ayurveda showed me the exact dietary shifts, natural supplements and herbs, and wellness practices I needed for my unique body composition.

And when I started using them, I experienced a gentle yet rapid healing process that carried me into the best health, wellness, and emotional wellbeing of my life.

I felt better than ever. I looked better than ever. Many of my friends even told me I looked like I was aging backwards.


The third breakthrough was a clear realization: if more people used Ayurveda, and if more healthcare professionals prescribed it - so much of our suffering would be gone.

And so I committed myself to creating this film. 

I hired a production team. I petitioned to join the board of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. I pitched collaborations with a variety of Ayurveda organizations and institutions.

Then I traveled around the world, interviewing all the leading Ayurvedic and natural healing experts I could find (they were more than happy to share their wisdom).

And today, over a decade later, I’m finally ready to share it with the world: not just as a film, but as the beginning of what I hope becomes a global renaissance in human health and happiness.

Thank you for being a part of this movement.
And may it light your own journey to a better way of life.

What is Ayurveda?

"Ayurveda is not only a medical system but a way of life, which aims at the attainment of a healthy mind in a healthy body."

World Health Organization, Global Centre for Traditional Medicine

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old science that outlines the path to health, healing, and happiness through a deep connection with the wisdom of nature, and the wisdom of our own bodies.

Discovered and perfected by ancient scientists and healers, Ayurveda has been used for generations to help billions live healthier, fuller, better lives.

Despite being an ancient science, Ayurveda is fully compatible with modern healthcare and the modern lifestyle. 

Its purpose is not to replace all forms of medical treatment and medicine, but to complement them – and in many cases provide the option of gentler, more affordable, and side effect-free solutions to many common ailments and health goals.

From herbs and natural supplements, to massage therapy and detox protocols, to simple and wholesome dietary and lifestyle changes that induce healing, vitality, and youthfulness: Ayurveda’s treatment options are plentiful, easily accessible, and fully customizable to a person’s unique needs and composition.

Ayurveda is a sister philosophy to yoga. It is the science of life or longevity and it teaches about the power and the cycles of nature, as well as the elements.

Christy Turlington

Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.

Sebastian Pole

Ayurveda is the science of life and it has a very basic, simple kind of approach, which is that we are part of the universe and the universe is intelligent and the human body is part of the cosmic body

Deepak Chopra

The Natural Law mission

To return natural healing and Ayurvedic science to their rightful place at the forefront of humanity’s approach to health, wellness, and happiness.

To provide accurate and transformational wisdom, guidance, and support for anyone in search of natural healing and Ayurvedic treatment.

To fully integrate natural healing and Ayurveda with global healthcare legislation, medical institutions, and medical practitioners.

To help shape a world where nature and humanity thrive in harmony, each uplifting the other.

The meaning behind the logo

Inspired by sacred geometry and the foundations of Ayurveda, The Natural Law’s logo symbolizes a duo of concepts:

The five elements of nature – ether, fire, air, water, earth: represented by five dots on the outer layer. These are the building blocks of the environment and of the human body.

The three doshas – vata, kapha, pitta: represented by three overlapping geometric shapes. Everyone has a dominant dosha, shaped by the unique ratio of elements in their body. This is represented by the diamond in the center.

The Natural Law film team

Amish Shah

Producer & Director

Puja Shah

Production Manager

Troy Page


Lindsey Ward

Associate Producer

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