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The Natural Law launch is supported by an international multi-phase marketing campaign. Enjoy a host of generous affiliate rewards when you share our film, quiz, Summit, or Marketplace and their related offers with your list or community.

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If you’re an Ayurveda or natural healing teacher, practitioner, speaker, author, researcher, or the founder of a relevant company, share your wisdom with our global audience by becoming a Summit speaker.

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Leverage powerful co-branding opportunities and gain global exposure in the worldwide launch of our upcoming Summit: featuring an assembly of the world’s leading experts in natural healing and Ayurveda.

As a partner of The Natural Law, you enjoy various benefits including:

A professionally managed affiliate program with attractive earning opportunities: including qualified lead commissions, high ticket membership packages, and contests.

The momentum of our global multi-platform outreach campaign: covering social media, paid ads, organic traffic, film festivals, partner promotions, and more.

Transformational and highly curated wisdom from leading teachers and trainers, each one an internationally recognized authority in Ayurveda and the natural sciences.

Access to our first-of-its-kind healing platform, powered by Ayurvedic science, a self-learning algorithm, and an international community of wellness seekers and providers.

Support, guidance, and accountability every step of the way – including a dedicated partner management team, and accurate opt-in, sales, and tracking systems.

Who’s behind The Natural Law?

Amish Shah

Founder & Producer

Amish Shah is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He and his team have launched numerous ventures in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) segment: including Project: Yourself, Ancient Explorers, an upcoming FinTech platform designed to democratize financial sovereignty, and Dwarka: Atlantis of the East: a documentary film featured on Discovery’s Travel Channel, with over 2 million online views.

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