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Day 9: Wholesome Food: Foundation of Harmony

In Ayurveda, diet transcends mere nourishment; it plays an integral role in body purification, doshic balance, and overall rejuvenation. The foods we consume can either assist in toxin elimination or contribute to their build-up.

Today, we’ll learn an essential concept in Ayurveda – prana, or life energy. Prana is the vital force that flows through all living things. When we consume food high in prana, we nourish our body at a deeper level.

Ayurvedic dietary principles:

  • Choose foods that are rich in prana. Opt for fresh, wholesome, cooked meals abundant in prana.
  • Cultivate a relationship with your food. Cooking meals infuses them with your energy and ensures freshness and quality.
  • Incorporate a variety of spices like turmeric, ginger, cumin, black pepper, coriander and fennel to aid digestion and add flavor.
  • Use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Practice mindful eating: savor each bite, chew well, and focus on your meal.
  • Avoid snacking and instead opt for structured meal times.

Dietary tips for each dosha:

  • Vata: Opt for warm, cooked, grounding foods to stabilize Vata’s dry and mobile nature.
  • Pitta: Cooling, refreshing foods like cucumbers, leafy greens, melons, and sweet fruits balance Pitta’s heat.
  • Kapha: Light, stimulating foods like leafy greens, spicy soups, and warming spices such as ginger and black pepper help counteract Kapha’s heaviness.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee is celebrated for its ability to balance the doshas, and is believed to promote mental clarity and rejuvenation of tissues. We recommend 4th And Heart Ghee, from our marketplace.

Here’s how you can incorporating ghee in your cooking:

  • Cooking Companion: Use ghee as your primary cooking oil.
  • Ghee in Grains: When preparing grains like rice, oats or quinoa, consider adding a spoonful of ghee to the cooking water.
  • Finishing Touch: Finish your cooked dishes by drizzling a bit of ghee over them.

Action Steps

  1. Prepare a meal with local produce and ghee. Notice how ghee enhances your cooking.
  2. Enjoy your meal mindfully in a relaxed setting.
  3. Observe how your body and mind feel post-meal.