A journey back to wellness of body, mind & soul

How to embrace a healthier routine, and align your life with the rhythms of nature

A guide to better living through daily and seasonal routines that promote health, wellness, and harmony with Mother Nature

The perfect daily routine

Known as Dinacharya in Ayurveda, a strong daily routine lets you get and stay in tune with the elements, and retain an overall sense of wellbeing.

In Ayurveda, you always want to start the day with practices that help cleanse both your senses and organs. This is done to help clear out all the toxins that your body processed while you were sleeping.

As you clean out your mouth, ears, nose, and eyes, you are also creating a calming routine that teaches your body what to expect each morning. This has a positive impact on your nervous system, and helps strengthen the mind-body connection.

Here’s an example of a Dinacharya practice:

  • Wake up before sunrise;
  • Set an intention for the day;
  • Toilet routine and complete the cleansing practices for nose, eyes, mouth, and ears;
  • Drink warm water;
  • Oil massage or dry brush depending on the constitution;
  • Yoga, exercise, meditation, pranayama, journal, etc
  • Shower, eat breakfast, start the day

Design a life of daily wellness and bliss through Ayurveda & nature’s wisdom


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