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The film was so reassuring that there’s hope that in the West these Eastern sciences, that are so vast and nourishing, are finally being accepted, or at least they’re being given an opportunity to be seen. So the film was incredible! It was so moving and I really enjoyed it. If I had to describe the film in one word I’d say that it was transformative.

Marlene Kamo

The film was super inspiring and super empowering because the idea that people can take back their health and be inquisitive and learn about themselves through this practice of Ayurveda is such a positive hopeful vision and thing to think about. I’ve been working with Amish and Puja teaching them yoga for about two years, so I’ve got to see specifically Amish’s journey as he realized he had celiac disease, and just started taking that curiosity and inquisitiveness into empowering state and continually learning and healing himself through all these different modalities.

Natalie Mazur

I’ve known Amish since 10th grade… and to see this journey come to fruition is just amazing! I see this being very impactful and the thought that you combine the knowledge and tradition and bring it to an audience, not just Western but globally, I think that’s what can be amazing about this film.

Raj Desai

I thought it was exactly what this moment in time needs – [it] is bringing together the wisdom from thousands and thousands of years of Ayurvedic knowledge and bringing modern science into the awareness of the science of Ayurvedic medicine. We both are practitioners and we use a lot of Ayurvedic medicine in our practice, and we see how much benefit it has. I think one of the amazing things about the movie is that the combination of having so much wisdom for your lifestyle combined with science is a perfect partnership for true healing. The movie definitely motivates me to continue to do the type of medicine I do and empower people to be their own agents of change.

Adam and Serena Silberman

Knowing Amish for a very long time – this guy has been part of my journey for 20+ years – and to see where he’s come in his journey and to see THIS as one of the results, is beautiful, powerful. I think the education side of it is so impactful and where this is going to go – this is just the beginning – so I can’t imagine where this can go if the follow through and commitment has been what it is, what we saw today…just proud! I thought it was amazing, great job Amish! You and Puja have done incredible work. I hope everybody is able to watch this and I’m here on the sideline, cheerleader number one!

Sachin Patel

“Ayurveda’s “time” has come. With our epidemic of chronic disease, and too few resources for so many ill citizens, even America, with its enormous health expenditure per capita, needs Ayurveda now! Amish Shah’s dramatic recovery to his glowing health of today is very compelling, and this documentary makes Ayurvedic principles accessible and appealing.”

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

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