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Featuring the world's leading Ayurveda experts

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Global spiritual leader & humanitarian

Deepak Chopra

Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Dr. Trupti Gokani

Neurologist, Ayurveda Expert & Author

Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurvedic physician & professor

Sankari Wegman, Ph.D

Ayurvedic clinician

Dr. Marc Halpern

President of the California College of Ayurveda

Mas Vidal

Director Dancing Shiva School of Ayurveda, Author

Nisha Khanna, MD

Board-certified internist, functional medicine Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Paul J. Morehead, Ph.D

Associate Dean, Maharishi International University

Sahara Rose

Podcast host, author & speaker

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

Ayurvedic physician

Dr. Thomas Yarema, MD

Physician, medical director, author

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Are you seeking a healthier, more vibrant life?

Health: do you want to treat a stubborn health issue, or step into a healthier lifestyle that helps you prevent illness and achieve your ideal health, weight, and wellbeing?

Freedom: are you looking to break free from an unhealthy habit, medication, or source of stress that may be sabotaging your health or aging you prematurely?

Clarity: do you want to find out what’s really causing you pain, discomfort, lethargy, or allergic reactions – because your doctors can’t tell you what’s wrong?

Connection: or are you looking for a better relationship with yourself, or a solution to healing and supporting your loved ones, patients, or clients?

You don’t have to do it alone

In a time where billions of us are sicker and unhappier than ever, the time is now to make health and wealth our top priority.

And yet, so often, you’re just not given the guidance and clarity you need to navigate what’s by far the most important journey of your life.

Whether it’s your doctor whose only solution is to swallow more pills or your meditation instructor is confusing you with cryptic spiritual talk. The experts you rely on don’t always have your best answers.

And then there are times when life just throws you a curveball, like when your nutrition or exercise plan stops working. Or your summer or winter allergies get extra harsh. Or when a new ache or illness pops up, you just can’t get rid of it.

But what if there was a better way: a wholly natural approach to knowing exactly what you need to get better, feel better, and live better: in every moment and season of your life?

Transform your life with Ayurveda: the 5,000-year-old code to lifelong health, wellness, and happiness

"Ayurveda is not only a medical system but a way of life, which aims at the attainment of a healthy mind in a healthy body."

World Health Organization, Global Centre for Traditional Medicine

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old science that outlines the path to health, healing, and happiness through a deep connection with the wisdom of nature and the wisdom of your body.

Discovered by ancient scientists and widely practiced even in modern integrative healthcare, Ayurveda has been used for generations to help billions live healthier and better lives.

And today, as issues like chronic illnesses, stress, unhappiness, and premature aging surge across the planet – the need for Ayurvedic wisdom is now more urgent than ever.

Rather than replacing all forms of medicine and alternative healing, Ayurveda complements them. And gives you a holistic and easy-to-follow framework for wellness of body, mind, and soul that is easily practiced in modern life.

“The beauty of Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects”

Shubhra Krishnan, Editor, Cosmopolitan India

Know who you really are and what you really need to heal and be well

More so than any other healing system, Ayurveda is about discovering your true self – and knowing exactly what your body, mind, and spirit need to heal and perform at their best.

From herbs and natural supplements to massage therapy and detox protocols to simple and wholesome dietary and lifestyle changes that induce healing, vitality, and youthfulness: 

Ayurveda’s treatment options are plentiful, easily accessible, and fully customizable to your personal body composition, known as your Dosha:


Space & Air


Fire & Water


Water & Earth

Your dominant Dosha determines the unique ingredients and practices you need to create health, wellness, and balance in your life.

Ayurveda is widely used to relieve, manage, and prevent many of today’s most rampant health challenges

Stress and anxiety


High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Digestion problems


Skin problems



Thyroid problems

Insomnia and sleep disorders

Step into a better life, right here and now, with The Natural Law Membership

A first-of-its-kind online membership for daily Ayurvedic health & wellness

The Natural Law Membership gives you 24/7 access to the personalized Ayurvedic wisdom, and the support you need to heal, feel, and live better – just as nature intended.

Step 1: Expert guidance

Our qualified experts guide you in mastering the fundamentals of Ayurveda, simplifying complex Ayurvedic science into actionable steps and easy-to-follow daily routines and rituals in line with your unique needs. 

The Natural Law Membership connects you with the wisdom of today’s leading Ayurveda experts through monthly group coaching calls, our ever-growing Wisdom Vault, and optional private consultations where you enjoy your chosen expert’s undivided attention.

Step 2: Food & herbs

Nutrient-rich Ayurvedic food is delicious and easy to find, once you understand how and what to eat for your Dosha. And by staying consistent with your eating habits, your food becomes your medicine, helping you manage, soothe, and even prevent health issues before they arise.

The Natural Law Membership gives you personalized meal plans to help you choose the right food – and a global marketplace featuring special deals on wholesome food, herbs, and ingredients from today’s most trusted wellness brands and producers.

Step 3: Consistent growth & learning

By diving deeper into your unique needs and learning new Ayurvedic practices and rituals, you’ll be able to optimize your approach to natural wellness, while mastering deeper dimensions of yourself and enjoying better and better results on your journey.

The Natural Law Membership’s Wisdom Vault and monthly group calls give you the opportunity to level up your health and wisdom every day. There’s something new to discover every month, so you never stop growing.

Step 4: Community & connection

Just as important as your self-mastery is your connection to others, and to the essence of nature itself. By embracing a more connected life with those who uplift you, you gain a deeper sense of belonging, inspiration, and even purpose.

The Natural Law Membership places you in a passionate global community committed to inspiring and supporting you. And you get access to all-year guidance to help you thrive in every season and through every circumstance; always with a deep connectedness to nature.

Join The Natural Law Membership now and get instant access to…

1. The Natural Law Wisdom Vault: updated monthly with exclusive interviews and content by today’s best Ayurvedic & natural wellness experts

Unlock the secrets of nature’s medicine with our exclusive training library. Explore dozens of hours of video trainings covering Ayurvedic food, herbs, lifestyle, Doshas, and more. Fascinating ebooks, interviews, and Summit recordings with the world’s best Ayurvedic experts. And monthly updates, including recordings of our monthly group training sessions.

2. Monthly group training sessions for radiant wellness of body, mind, and spirit*

Get exclusive access to monthly 60-minute holistic wellness training sessions with certified Ayurvedic experts. From weight management and allergies to pain relief, chronic illness, stress management, and much more – you’ll master all the key topics for a healthy body, mind, and soul. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to receive guidance and get answers to your questions as you progress on your journey.

3. Up to 30% off private consultations with today’s leading Ayurvedic experts

Want extra help or guidance with your health goals? In addition to the private calls included with your chosen tier, you can book additional on-demand calls with any of our leading Ayurvedic experts at up to 30% off. And tap into your chosen expert’s wisdom to help heal or prevent an illness. Deal with a new change or stage of life. Or get the right support to shake off unwanted habits and patterns.

4. Up to 30% off the best natural wellness supplies in our global marketplace

Our curated online marketplace features supplements, herbs, tools, ingredients, and more from our stable of trusted Ayurvedic and natural wellness brands – all in one convenient and easy-to-use online platform. And with your Membership, you get access to special bundles and 30% off everything.

5. A passionate global community, uplifting each other

You’re never alone on your healing journey. From our global community of Members of all ages and backgrounds to our passionate support team dedicated to your health goals – you’ll find all the love, support, and guidance you need to stay motivated and on track every day.

Meet Amish Shah, Founder of The Natural Law

In my twenties I was a serial entrepreneur, building multi-million dollar companies and partying all around the world. 

In my thirties, I was sick with a long list of lifestyle-related health conditions – including ulcers, pre-diabetes, heart and thyroid issues, and celiac disease.

From mainstream medicine to alternative treatments, I spent years trying to heal with whatever I could find. Nothing worked.

And then I turned to Ayurveda.

I felt better within weeks of beginning my Ayurvedic treatments – and experienced a total reversal of my health conditions in just over a year.

To this day, I practice Ayurveda daily. I feel better than I ever have in my life. And it’s all thanks to the wisdom of Mother Nature herself.

The Natural Law is my way of sharing nature’s medicine with those who need it just as I did – first through a documentary film, and second through this Membership designed to place all of nature’s best remedies at your fingertips.

How To Begin Your Natural Wellness Journey

A better you in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Take the Dosha Quiz

Take our quiz to discover your Dosha, and receive personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs. This data is also used to customize your entire Membership experience to you.

Step 2: Start balancing your Dosha and living better with Ayurveda

Get started with our Dosha-specific mini courses, tailored to your unique needs. Then, explore our ever-growing Wisdom Vault and start joining our monthly training sessions to start mastering every dimension of Ayurveda for health, wellness, and happiness.

Step 3: Connect with your community

Connect with Members who share your Doshic constitution. Find people with the same health goals and challenges as you. And find your new best friends as you exchange notes, celebrate your progress, and uplift each other.

Step 4: Grow and go deeper, every day

Stay consistent with your learning and monthly group training, apply what you learn, and track your progress as you move closer every day to your health goals; and the best version of you.

How your journey will transform you

Here’s what to expect when you embark on your Ayurvedic path


You will know yourself and your unique needs

You could find an affordable natural solution to even just one ache or ailment, and free up your money by reducing or canceling your monthly medication expenses?


You will feel better

You’ll notice significant changes in your energy levels throughout the day, along with improved mental clarity and emotional wellness. Pain and discomfort will likely be reduced. And stress and anxiety will make way for a sense of unshakable peace and bliss, even on tough days.


You will look better

Many people who use Ayurveda report visible improvements in their quality of skin, hair, nails, eyesight, joints, posture, and more. You may also see a reversal in premature aging, leaving you looking years younger than before.


You will live better

Your Ayurvedic path will transform how you live and show up daily. Your newfound wellness of body and mind will allow you to perform better at work, reclaim the time and clarity to be present for your loved ones, and embody the energy and youthful vitality to live at one hundred percent.


You will know how to heal and uplift yourself

No matter what challenges arise in your health or life, you’ll always have the wisdom, tools, and guidance to return to radiant wellness. And rather than stopping at only treating your symptoms, you’ll have more natural options that take you to the true root cause of any illness.


You will embody a new sense of purpose, joy, and connection

Ayurveda is the gateway to self-mastery. By understanding your true nature, you’ll also understand what you really need to create a more blissful, meaningful, passionate life, with a deep connection to the people and environment around you.

Get these free bonuses with your Membership

Bonus 1: Lifetime access to The Natural Law film

The Natural Law Membership platform lets you enjoy permanent access to the film that sparked the revolution. Join Amish Shah as he shares his healing journey and unearths the secrets of Ayurveda with 30+ of today’s greatest doctors, scientists, and spiritual leaders, including Deepak Chopra, Vasant Lad, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and many more. Includes bonus footage and interviews not seen in the original film release.

Bonus 2: Lifetime access to The Natural Law Summit recordings

The Natural Law Summit brought together the world’s leading Ayurveda experts for three days of virtual workshops, classes, and deep learning. Your Membership platform includes full recordings of every session, plus VIP resources including mini courses, masterclasses, recipe books, guided meditation audios, and much more to aid you on your wellness journey.

Bonus 3: 8x Ayurveda eBooks for health, wellness & better living

Discover how Ayurveda can help you prevent the deadliest diseases of modern life, lose weight and get your youthful energy back, meditate better, heal and support your loved ones, and so much more in this exclusive eBook collection written by The Natural Law’s editorial team. A powerful complement to your Wisdom Vault training and great for a quick read in your in-between moments throughout the day.

Bonus 4: Dosha Balancing guided meditation pack

Heal, nourish, and balance your Dosha with this pack of 18 guided meditations covering all possible Doshas combinations. First, select your preferred meditation – choose from 3 sessions per Dosha on topics like inner stillness, connecting to nature, releasing anger, eating mindfully, and much more. Then sit back, relax, and follow the soothing instructions as you clear all the energetic and emotional blocks holding you back. We recommend enjoying your meditations a few times a week and making them a part of your wellness routine.

Bonus 5: The Ayurvedic Food & Herbs Deep Dive Mini Course

Ayurvedic food and herbs are two of our community’s favorite topics. This mini course guides you through a series of Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition classes, herbal tutorials for every health goal and challenge, and even a guide to starting your own healing herb garden at home.

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Get 70% off The Natural Law Membership, and enjoy a FREE lifetime access upgrade

We’re celebrating our first-ever Black Friday with our best-ever deal on our premier membership program. An annual Membership normally costs $499 per year. But during Black Friday Week, you get not only a 70% discount, which brings the price down to just $149…

But also a FREE lifetime access upgrade: meaning you get permanent access without any Membership renewal fees, ever. This special offer saves you hundreds, and then thousands of dollars over time, while securing you a lifetime of Ayurvedic wisdom, guidance, and community. Claim yours now before it’s gone for good.

Get 70% off The Natural Law Membership, and enjoy a FREE lifetime access upgrade

We’re celebrating our first-ever Black Friday with our best-ever deal on our premier membership program. An annual Membership normally costs $499 per year. But during Black Friday Week, you get not only a 70% discount, which brings the price down to just $149…

But also a FREE lifetime access upgrade: meaning you get permanent access without any Membership renewal fees, ever. This special offer saves you hundreds, and then thousands of dollars over time, while securing you a lifetime of Ayurvedic wisdom, guidance, and community. Claim yours now before it’s gone for good.

Try The Natural Law Membership for 7 days risk-free

We want you to love your investment in The Natural Law Membership – and it’s only natural you may want to try it out before deciding if it’s for you.

That’s why, with our refund policy, you can test drive everything in the Membership for up to 7 days and get 100% of your money back if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

If you require a refund, email us at for a fast and friendly resolution.

The wisest investment you may ever make in your health and happiness

From hospital bills and medication, to home care, therapy, and more: the average American spends an eye-watering $12,530 per year on healthcare.

Meanwhile, The Natural Law Membership can be yours for just over a dollar a day.


You could find an affordable natural solution to even just one ache or ailment, and free up your money by reducing or canceling your monthly medication expenses?


You could naturally regain your depleted energy, vitality, and focus, show up as the best you again, and perform better than ever at work? 


You could prevent an illness from ever manifesting, and save yourself years of expensive treatment?


You could free up hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours of time every month, because you’re no longer wasting your precious resources on food, supplements, and exercises or gadgets that don’t work?


You could experience a complete turnaround of your health, avoid a costly and risky surgery, or gain a second chance at life?


Or even if you could finally give a loved one the ultimate gift, by turning their cycle of pain and suffering into a new lease on life?

The wisdom and guidance you’ll find in The Natural Law Membership is designed to help you do all this and more –  All by helping you harness nature’s medicine to affordably treat, relieve, and even prevent anything that can hold you back from living your life at your fullest potential.

Claim your special Black Friday deal on The Natural Law Membership

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