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Love Week happens from February 14th – 20th, with a new lesson unlocking daily.

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Each lesson will take around 10 minutes to complete. We suggest setting aside a specific time on each day for your lessons (for example at the start of your day), and being as consistent as you can with them.

Your LIVE Q&A session with Amish and Puja will take place at [INSERT TIME] on February 20th. We highly recommend joining the live session so you can participate and ask questions, but there will also be a recording available in case you can’t join live.

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1. Monthly group training sessions for radiant wellness of body, mind, and spirit

Get exclusive access to monthly 60-minute holistic wellness training sessions with certified Ayurvedic experts. From weight management and allergies to pain relief, chronic illness, stress management, and much more – you’ll master all the key topics for a healthy body, mind, and soul. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to receive guidance and get answers to your questions as you progress on your journey.

2. The Natural Law Wisdom Vault: updated monthly with exclusive training by today’s best Ayurvedic & natural wellness experts

Unlock the secrets of nature’s medicine with our exclusive training library. Explore dozens of hours of video training covering Ayurvedic food, herbs, lifestyle, Doshas, and more. Fascinating ebooks, interviews, and Summit recordings with the world’s best Ayurvedic experts. And monthly updates, including recordings of our monthly group training sessions.

3. Up to 30% off the best natural wellness supplies in our global marketplace

Our curated online marketplace features supplements, herbs, tools, ingredients, and more from our stable of trusted Ayurvedic and natural wellness brands – all in one convenient and easy-to-use online platform. And with your Membership, you get access to special bundles and up to 30% off everything, including the supplies you’ll want to stock up on for Love Week.

4. A passionate global community, uplifting each other

You’re never alone on your healing journey. From our global community of passionate Members to our dedicated support team committed to your health goals – you’ll find all the love, support, and guidance you need to stay motivated and on track every day, including through monthly community challenges that you experience and complete as one tribe.

Important: You can cancel your 14-day access anytime, and you won’t be charged a cent. If you decide to continue your Membership, just do nothing, and you’ll be automatically billed the monthly Membership fee, along with a special 50% discount for as long as you decide to stay subscribed. This works out to just $39.99 monthly instead of the usual $79.

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