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Just press play, and let these guided meditation audios take you on a healing inward journey. Recorded by Dr. Puja Shah, co-founder of The Natural Law.

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These specially recorded guided meditation audios are designed to guide you through every dimension of self-love, and the healing and wellbeing that comes from it.

No meditation experience is necessary; and a few minutes is all you need for a relaxing and invigorating inward journey you’ll never forget.

Play one track on each day of Love Week for the best possible experience – and replay your favorites every time you’d like to rise up to the vibration of self-love and wellness.

Day 1: Radiant Self-Love

Go deep within, and ignite every cell of your being with the energy of self-love.

Day 2: Light Up Your Heart

Call on your heart’s intelligence to honor yourself, and focus on love as your center.

Day 3: Rediscovering Your Playfulness

Allow the light of playfulness into your being, and let your soul smile.

Day 4: The Fruits Of Life

Life is full of fruits and blessings – and here you’ll take a moment to feel gratitude for yours.

Day 5: The Rose

The rose symbolizes love and beauty, two qualities you’ll embody on this inward journey.

Day 6: Nurturing Patience

Patience towards yourself and others is one of the key ingredients of love.

Day 7: The Walk Of Trust

Trust yourself, your journey, and all that is, as you experience the purest expression of self-love.

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