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This 90-minute session will help you embody deeper self-love, and harness it to heal and achieve your personal health goals. Book yours now for a generous discount + two special bonuses.

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One-on-one guidance from a qualified Ayurvedic Counselor who will help you understand your unique needs and challenges based on your Dosha, and choose the right wellness practices, food, and herbs for your journey into self-love.


A deeply personal immersion in the healing power of self-love: including identifying your self-love language, learning your unspoken patterns and habits in your relationship with yourself and others, and more.


Personalized solutions to your challenges – whether you’re looking to heal a health challenge, resolve a past trauma or heartbreak, improve your relationship, or even be in the right space to find that special someone.


Answers to all your questions – whether it’s about your learnings from Love Week, Ayurveda in general, or your specific personal circumstances.

Just 90 minutes with our Ayurvedic Counselor could change everything for you

Here’s what to expect on your private consultation call

Your Counselor will start by assessing your unique needs and composition, and laying out how your Doshas influence your needs, and your connection to yourself, and your loved ones…

You’ll then review your personal health and wellness goals, find out what’s right and what’s not for you, and optimize your goals to fit your needs like a glove…

Next, your Counselor will identify the food, herbs, and wellness practices that will give you the best results, based on your Dosha and unique needs and goals…

You’ll also have the opportunity to tap into your practitioner’s knowledge to ask questions at any time, on any area of your health or relationship.

Finally, after your call you’ll receive a personalized meal plan and health tracking tools to help you apply and keep track of any changes you’re making to your diet and lifestyle.

You’ll emerge from your call with the clarity and knowledge you need to harness self-love as a tool for healing, intimacy, and a better quality of life in every way.

Includes 2x bonus features to support you on your journey

These two powerful features will unlock after your call:

Bonus feature 1

A personalized meal plan for your unique dietary needs

One of the fundamentals of Ayurveda is eating food that matches your personal needs. And by drawing from your Dosha and assessment, your Counselor will create a personalized meal plan and food recommendation list to help you eat better daily.

After your call, you’ll receive an email with access to this invaluable resource: which will help you choose food that nourishes and heals you, make better choices in restaurants and supermarkets, and minimize the fatigue, inflammation, weight gain, and digestion issues that so often comes with choosing the wrong food.

Bonus feature 2

Customized health tracking tools to chart your progress and keep you on track

On your call, you’ll be prescribed various dietary and lifestyle changes designed to positively impact various areas of your health and wellness – including your quality of sleep, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, and much more.

After your call, your Counselor will help you track and optimize these changes through a personalized set of health tracking tools. You’ll be able to save and review your blood work and other lab test results, sync your health tracker data, and monitor the health markers most important to you and your wellness goals.

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