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Experience Ayurveda’s greatest self-love practices for deep healing, holistic wellness & stronger relationships

Love Week begins on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th. Claim your spot now, and prepare to elevate every dimension of your life through the power of self-love.

Love Week


14th February 2024

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Join us for a week of self-love that will leave you glowing with physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness

Love is one of nature’s greatest healers. That’s why emotional intimacy – for yourself and for others – holds a special place in Ayurvedic wellness. And it’s also why, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, you’re invited to Love Week: a seven-day online immersion in the healing power of self-love.

From transformational self-healing exercises, to delightful massage and cooking sessions you can practice by yourself or with a partner, to a LIVE group coaching session with The Natural Law Founders Amish Shah and Dr. Puja Shah… 

You’ll embody self-love on a deeper level than ever before – and experience waves of breakthroughs in your health, wellness, and happiness.

In just 10 minutes a day, this online event will help you…

Embrace deep, unconditional, unbreakable self-love: which you’ll then harness as a force for elevating your quality of life, manifesting your desires, and replacing all your self-doubt and anxiety with radiant emotional wellbeing.

Harness love as a pathway to deep healing: you’ll discover how to embody intimacy, connection, and self-love on a whole new level – and how to turn that into a catalyst for healing yourself emotionally (including from past heartbreaks), spiritually, and even physically.

Strengthen your most important relationships: including your relationship with yourself and with the precious people in your life, by understanding each other’s Dosha love language, and deepening your bond of mind, body, and soul.

Love Week schedule

You’ll unlock a new 10-minute online video lesson on each day:

Day 1 - 14.02.2024

Dosha Love Dynamics

Your journey begins by understanding how your Dosha shapes your life, your health, your relationships, and your blocks for expressing self-love.

Day 2 - 15.02.2024

Loving Yourself First

Experience a series of self-love practices that empower you to love and accept the unique individual you are, so you can show up better for yourself and the important people in your life.

Day 3 - 16.02.2024

Ayurveda In The Kitchen

Express love through the preparation of heartwarming food, using Ayurvedic principles that guarantee a delicious and nourishing meal.

Day 4 - 17.02.2024

Ayurvedic Love Massage

Enjoy a tender, intimate ritual with the ecstatic Ayurvedic massage, and connect deeply with your body and your partner’s.

Day 5 - 18.02.2024

Crafting Mindful Moments

From meditation to aromatherapy, discover soothing mindfulness practices that deepen your connection with yourself and your partner, and bring you back to peace and harmony.

Day 6 - 19.02.2024

Full Moon Ritual

Immerse yourself in a sacred ritual that shines light on the unspoken needs and hidden patterns within yourself and your partner.

Plus a LIVE 60-minute group coaching session on your final day:

Day 7 - 20.02.2024

Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Join your hosts Amish and Puja for a LIVE Q&A session, where you’ll get the opportunity to ask anything about Ayurveda’s approach to love and healing.

Meet your Love Week hosts: Amish Shah & Dr. Puja Shah, Founders of The Natural Law

Amish and Puja are husband and wife, best friends, and founders of The Natural Law, a global movement dedicated to healing humanity with the science of Ayurveda.

Amish and Puja passionately apply Ayurveda in every dimension of their lives. They heal and safeguard their health with Ayurvedic herbs and supplements. They prepare nourishing Ayurvedic food together. They bond through intimate Ayurvedic wellness rituals.

And through Love Week, they can’t wait to show you all the ways you can harness this remarkable natural science to love and heal yourself better – and expand that love outwards to your partner, your loved ones, and the world.

Our sincere triple promise to you

There are three promises we make to every Love Week participant:


You will experience a life-changing breakthrough: in your healing journey, in how you feel about yourself, and in how you show up daily.


You’ll be supported every step of the way: both by our team, and by our uplifting community of people who share your passion for natural wellness.


You’re getting the best value: at just $14, Love Week costs just $2 a day, and is one of the most accessible experiences we can offer.

Love Week begins on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th: reserve your spot now

Secure your spot before it expires in:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Love Week is for everyone: whether you’re single, in a relationship, or looking for one. Because no matter your relationship status, self-love is an incredibly powerful practice for healing and improving your quality of life. You’re also welcome to experience Love Week with your partner, if you choose to.

For such a powerful investment in your wellbeing and quality of life, you don’t need much time at all: only 10 minutes a day for the daily lessons, and 60 minutes on your final day for the live group coaching session. Your daily lessons unlock at 8 am PST every day, but you can review them at any time you like and from wherever you are. And if you miss any lessons, they’ll stay available to you throughout Love Week, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up.

The practices and exercises you’ll experience throughout Love Week will have a profound impact on your health and wellness, and your relationship with both yourself and your loved ones. You’ll understand yourself and your needs better. You’ll gain tools you can use for a lifetime to instantly deepen intimacy and connection. And you’ll even discover how to harness the energy of love and emotional connection to heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.