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What you’ll discover in the masterclass


How to unleash the healer within with Ayurveda

Billions worldwide use the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda. Discover how you can easily harness it in your daily life to prevent and manage disease, soothe stress and addictions, and embrace a healthier, happier you – just as nature intended. 


Create your personal 5-step Ayurvedic healing path

Ayurveda offers a personal approach to wellness. Find out the 5 steps Amish took to transform his health and life – and apply them to design your own healing path through natural food, herbs, and daily and seasonal practices.


How to know and nurture your unique body composition

In Ayurveda, everyone has a unique body composition, known as their ‘Dosha’. You’ll discover yours, what it says about you, and the lifestyle changes you’ll want to focus on most to heal, feel, and live better.


The perfect daily routine, according to Ayurveda

You’ll explore the small changes Amish made to his daily routine and habits, for big changes in his health, energy levels, and wellbeing – plus you’ll find out how to map out your own daily routine that matches your Dosha and unique needs.


Why Ayurveda is shaping the future of healthcare

Join Dr. Patel, a board-certified physician, as she demonstrates how today’s best integrative doctors are merging Ayurvedic science with modern medicine to provide holistic relief, and to even reverse disease and premature aging – without many of the unwanted side effects.


A deep dive Q&A on Ayurveda & The Natural Law film

Got questions on Ayurveda, your wellness path, or our recently launched documentary film? At the end of the Masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Amish and Dr. Patel anything.

By the end of this session, you’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of Ayurveda; and how to harness it to design your own wellness path. You’ll know the exact steps you can take to create results you can feel, and take charge of your health and wellbeing starting today.

About Amish Shah

Founder, Producer & Director of The Natural Law

Amish Shah is an Inc.500-listed entrepreneur and philanthropist with a 20-year career in the fields of health, wellness, and spirituality.

From Ayurveda, to meditation, and more – Amish’s projects are designed to help shape humanity’s future with the wisdom of the past.

In addition to The Natural Law, he has launched various movements in the wellness space, including Project:Yourself, Ancient Explorers, and Dwarka:Atlantis of the East: a documentary film featured on Discovery’s Travel Channel.

In the masterclass, Amish will share his experience and findings from over a decade of committing his life to Ayurvedic wellness – and take you deeper into the topics covered in The Natural Law film.

What people are saying about The Natural Law

“I loved the movie! It’s so clear that this was such a passion project and as somebody who also survived chronic illness for years, sought answers from allopathic medicine and could not find them, I really deeply related to Amish’s story and to the village that it took to help him get well. What I loved about the movie is that it was such an intimate look at one man’s journey and what happened to his family as a result of him being ill and what happened to his family as a result of becoming well. Also a larger look at the landscape of medicine – what’s working, what’s not working today, and how Ayurveda can actually be used today in our modern world to help heal us all.”

Sinclair Kennally

“Ayurveda’s “time” has come. With our epidemic of chronic disease, and too few resources for so many ill citizens, even America, with its enormous health expenditure per capita, needs Ayurveda now! Amish Shah’s dramatic recovery to his glowing health of today is very compelling, and this documentary makes Ayurvedic principles accessible and appealing.”

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

“The film was pretty inspiring and it was an eye opener. When you think about everything that’s been here for so long, folks that have had this knowledge and to bring it into today’s modern society and modern medicine, and to be able to have that dichotomy where people can actually go back and understand what’s been going on – I thought it was great to just be an eye opener and understand what it was trying to communicate to us – the basic knowledge. The movie was definitely knowledgeable.”

Alok Malavia

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