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Why life in the fast lane is slowly killing us: find out what stress and overwhelm are really doing to your mind and body – and how to switch lanes to a calmer, more peaceful way of life.

The great nutrition crisis: explore how fake convenience food is wreaking havoc on your immunity, youthfulness, and vitality – and the simple ways you can start eating better now.

Nature’s secret code to lifelong wellness: and how the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda can bring you back to wellness through easily accessible food, herbs, and natural remedies.


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Featuring exclusive interviews with prominent doctors, scientists, and natural healing practitioners

Deepak Chopra

Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Global spiritual leader & humanitarian

Sahara Rose

Podcast host, author & speaker

Peter Crone

Lifestyle guru

Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurvedic physician & professor

Mimi Guarneri, MD

Founder of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine

Mas Vidal

Director of Dancing Shiva School of Ayurveda, Author

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

Integrative neurologist & author

Dr. Trupti Gokani

Neurologist, Ayurveda practitioner & author

Dr. Marc Halpern

President of the California College of Ayurveda

John Hagelin, Ph.D

Quantum physicist, educator & author

Dr. Partap Chauhan

Ayurvedic physician & founder of Jiva Ayurveda

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

Ayurvedic physician

Dr. G. G. Gangadharan

Ayurvedic physician

Dr. Brenda Krulikowski

Panchakarma specialist

Sankari Wegman, Ph.D

Ayurvedic clinician

Dr. Thomas Yarema, MD

Physician, medical director, author

Nancy K. Lonsdorf, MD

Integrative physician & Ayurvedic specialist

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D

Founder of SAMI-SABINSA Group Ltd.

Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, MD-Ayu

Ayurvedic health practitioner & research scientist

Vijay Jain, MD

Integrative medicine specialist, surgeon

Christine Horner MD

Board-certified surgeon & award-winning author

Rogers Badgett

Owner of The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa

Paul J. Morehead, Ph.D

Associate Dean, Maharishi International University

Nisha Khanna, MD

Board-certified internist, functional medicine Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Christine Tara Peterson

Christine Tara Peterson, Ph.D

Ayurvedic health practitioner & research scientist

Dr. Sumit Ashok Kesarkar

Ayurvedic health practitioner & research scientist

Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Ph.D

Ayurvedic practitioner, acupuncturist & professor

Dr. Fred Travis, Ph.D

Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition

Mark Toomey Ph.D

Director of Maharishi Ayurveda

Dr. Naram

Ayurvedic doctor

Dr. Geo Cesare

Doctor of physical therapy

Jayagopal Parla

BAMS, Masters in Ayurveda, CMT, MAOM professor and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine

About the Natural Law Film

Day by day, modern life takes your wellness away: but nature offers the answer

The Natural Law explores one man’s decade-long journey back to wellness by embracing a new life aligned with nature’s code.

Through a series of eye-opening encounters with 30+ leading doctors and scientists, you’ll discover how the stress, toxins, and norms of modern life are attacking you daily – and why the 5,000-year-old natural science of Ayurveda is nature’s ultimate solution for humanity.

You’ll gain rewarding Ayurvedic practices designed to rapidly address various physical and emotional ailments, and even pain in yourself and your loved ones.

And you’ll discover Amish Shah’s remarkable story. How medical treatment failed to cure his life-threatening illnesses. AAnd how Ayurveda’s timeless truths helped him gain a new lease on life.

Could Ayurveda be the answer to the physical, emotional, and spiritual threats imposed on us by modern life?

Watch The Natural Law, and be part of what could be the most important wellness revolution of our time.

‘In nature, we find the source of healing.
In the source of healing we find our greatest answers.
And in our greatest answers we find ourselves.’

What people are saying about The Natural Law film!

“This ancient wisdom is what the world has been hungry for. This film will forever change the lives and health of those who watch it.”

J.J. Virgin
Holistic Nutrition Expert, Certified Personal Trainer

“This movie is for anyone who wants to get excited about health again, and go on a healing journey.”

Jonah Kest
Yoga Teacher

“I loved the movie! It’s so clear that this was such a passion project and as somebody who also survived chronic illness for years, sought answers from allopathic medicine and could not find them, I really deeply related to Amish’s story and to the village that it took to help him get well. What I loved about the movie is that it was such an intimate look at one man’s journey and what happened to his family as a result of him being ill and what happened to his family as a result of becoming well. Also a larger look at the landscape of medicine – what’s working, what’s not working today, and how Ayurveda can actually be used today in our modern world to help heal us all.”

Sinclair Kennally
Award-winning expert on chronic digestive illnesses, CEO of

“Ayurveda’s “time” has come. With our epidemic of chronic disease, and too few resources for so many ill citizens, even America, with its enormous health expenditure per capita, needs Ayurveda now! Amish Shah’s dramatic recovery to his glowing health of today is very compelling, and this documentary makes Ayurvedic principles accessible and appealing.”

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD
Leading integrative physician, Author, Speaker & Educator.

If you like things that are entertaining, educational and informational that will change your life – then get out the popcorn and sit down and watch this incredible film which blends all the amazing healing wisdom of the East from more than 5,000 years ago! And you can apply it to your life right now. Amish Shah, you are a genius! You have done the world a big service by making this movie and I recommend that anybody who gives a sh*t about their health go and see it.”

Arielle Ford
Author, Speaker, Love & Relationship Expert

Our mission: bringing nature’s wisdom back to modern life

Wellness fads come and go, and it can often feel like you’re constantly receiving conflicting advice for your health.

But Ayurveda and its reverence for nature’s wisdom have been trusted for thousands of years by billions worldwide, each with their own unique health challenges and goals.

The truth is timeless, and Ayurveda’s longevity is a testament to its effectiveness. Its wide and holistic approach to health and healing makes it arguably the world’s only truly complete system for total wellness of body, mind, and soul – and through The Natural Law, we aim to make Ayurveda accessible to anyone and every one, wherever they are in the world.

Discover simple daily practices that transform your health and wellness

In The Natural Law you’ll explore a variety of Ayurvedic practices you can use to feel better, and show up as a better you daily – many of which require no special tools, and only take a few minutes a day.

Dosha-aligned lifestyle

By discovering your dominant dosha and the best lifestyle choices associated with it, you’ll know yourself on a deeper level – and step into a life of wellness, vitality, longevity, and joy.

Ayurvedic meditation

Meditation is one of the most popular and effective wellness practices – and by adding Ayurvedic principles to your meditations, you’ll enjoy deeper, more rewarding inward journeys.

Ayurvedic yoga

Enhance your yoga practice with postures, flows, and exercises designed to balance your doshas, and remedy the root cause of physical and emotional ailments.

Ayurvedic food

Knowing what, when, and how to eat for your unique composition is the key to overcoming many health issues, and turning your food into your greatest medicine.

Ayurvedic digestion

Optimize your digestion and gut biomes, and heal various digestion-related health problems through simple Ayurvedic practices.

Ayurvedic herbs

Nature’s pharmacy is the best pharmacy: explore various natural herbs you can add to your food or take as supplements to feel, look, and perform at your best daily.

Ayurvedic detox

Return to pure wellness by flushing out the toxins in your mind and body, accumulated through unhealthy food, pollution, and harmful chemicals.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Rise above the pressures of modern life with easy Ayurvedic tools and practices that transform your resilience to stress, and your body and mind’s response to it.

Panchakarma Treatment

One of Ayurveda’s most immersive and transformational treatments, Panchakarma is a total deep cleanse of the body, mind, and soul.

A film by Amish Shah

Amish Shah is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Living a rockstar lifestyle throughout his twenties, he was eventually diagnosed with a battery of health conditions – including ulcers, pre-diabetes, heart and thyroid issues, and celiac disease.

His struggles with deteriorating health and ineffective medical treatments led him back to Ayurveda; a natural science practiced in his family for generations.

Amish committed the next decade to healing. He studied and practiced Ayurveda on himself, and traveled the world to find the best experts who could help him.

As Amish’s health and life began transforming, what started as a personal journey grew into something greater: a mission to bring nature’s medicine back to the forefront of human wellness.

In support of

Reviews from viewers around the world

“The film was pretty inspiring and it was an eye opener. When you think about everything that’s been here for so long, folks that have had this knowledge and to bring it into today’s modern society and modern medicine, and to be able to have that dichotomy where people can actually go back and understand what’s been going on – I thought it was great to just be an eye opener and understand what it was trying to communicate to us – the basic knowledge. The movie was definitely knowledgeable.”

Alok Malavia

“I just finished watching the movie The Natural Law and I’m so so grateful for everyone who put efforts and created this movie, this information, to be spread out everywhere it can. I personally was suffering years ago from disharmonies, and some simple changes in my lifestyle helped me to come back to thriving and being free of diseases. And this movie specifically points to that and going back to the cycle of nature, understanding nature, understanding the food [and] I think it’s essential for everybody to know this basic information. I’m so grateful that it’s coming out. This movie was very educational and I hope to see this side to side with the medical industry, because I also had a family member who passed away [and] they could have easily healed themselves from this or prevented it from getting really bad…I hope this would spread out more and more into the medical industry, to universities to future generation to bring more ease.”

Somayeh Sabery

I just saw The Natural Law and it’s so amazing that I didn’t even know a lot of these things were out there! I know that there were foods that I would eat and the ways that I would be moving throughout the day that would make me feel really good or feel really bad, but this movie really helped me understand that there’s actually “a natural law” of how you can function better as a human. That practice of Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years and it kind of intertwines so much in our life that I had no idea! So that was a mind-blower for me. It was so beautifully done, I learned so much, and I feel that I had a beautiful fire hose of incredible information that I can’t wait to go out and disseminate later. I’m so glad that I saw it.

One thing that definitely helped with this movie, and I love movies like this, is you come away and you think you have a bit of a paradigm shift about how you think about yourself and your health. This movie The Natural Law helped me really think about my health in a different way and realize that there’s very specific things I can do that are not that hard and [they’re] in my space – from food to practices and to just isolating very simply things that will actually help me improve my health very easily. And one word to describe the movie would be enlightening.

Sammy Taggett

The film was amazing! We’ve known Amish since before the film was created and it was really interesting to see the transformation even in the photos of him from back when he was at that phase of life and to not realize that that phase was really unhealthy for him. And to see where he has come today and to be a friend and part of that journey is pretty exciting.

It was a good reminder for me [as] I’ve been going to see an Ayurvedic practitioner for probably a decade on and off and I haven’t been to see her in the past three years. This was a good reminder for me of how important Ayurvedic practice is and how good I felt when I was going to see my practitioner…so I think tomorrow I’m gonna make [that] phone call! Because I really did feel so much better when I was consistent in the practice of eating better, taking Ashwagandha, meditating, doing all the things I should be doing, but because of covid I got out of practice. Amish did a really good job taking the language and the philosophy and putting it into a context [without] losing touch with the vernacular and what it means, but making it something that feels a little more attainable. That was a really great medium before communicating that and starting something that feels not completely washed down, but maybe easier to understand.

Dana and Heather Robinson

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