Congratulation! You’re In.​

Please review these important details for the best results on your upcoming Ayurvedic Summer Detox Journey:

Your Next Steps :

Step 1. Check your email inbox for your welcome email

We’ve just sent you a welcome email with everything you need to know. The subject line is Welcome to your Summer Detox. Here’s what happens next.

If you can’t find it, check your spam folder and save it for future reference. The preparation steps are summarized on this page for your convenience.

Step 2. Your Summer Detox is a 10-day journey you can start anytime

Your Summer Detox contains 10 daily video lessons, each one taking about 10 minutes each. You can access your lessons through our Ancient Wisdom Academy (more on that in point number 3 below), and you can start whenever you like.

Once you’ve started, we recommend staying as consistent as possible throughout the 10-day stretch, although you can always catch up on missed lessons if you get busy on certain days.

Step 3. You also have three Q&A session to watch

Each Q&A session is hosted by Amish and features a special guest Ayurvedic practitioner. We recommend watching these whenever you can throughout your 10-day detox so you can gain a deeper understanding of the key principles of Ayurvedic detoxification.

Step 4. You now have 14 days of FREE access to our Ancient Wisdom Academy

From transformational courses to community challenges to masterclasses with your favorite experts, our Ancient Wisdom Academy gives you continuous mentoring for your natural wellness journey.

It’s a great source of Ayurvedic wisdom you can tap into before, during, and after your detox to achieve your personal wellness goals – and it’s also where you’ll access all your daily detox lessons

Click on the button below to start your challenge, or check the email we’ve just sent you for details on accessing your Ancient Wisdom Academy.

5. You can stock up on detox supplies with a special Membership discount

During the detox, we’ll recommend specific Ayurvedic ingredients and products to support you on your path. For your convenience, we suggest stocking up on these supplies now, before the 10-day journey begins.

And because your detox includes 14 days of access to our Ancient Wisdom Academy, you also get a special Members-only 30% discount when you order them from us.

Go here to see all your recommended detox supplies and claim your discount (but please note we can currently only ship to US addresses):

Need Help? We’re Here For You

Drop us a message at if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Membership. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours..