Introducing Ayurvedic Cooking: The Essential Guide To Ayurvedic Food & Nutrition

Master The Art Of Cooking Nourishing & Energizing Ayurvedic Food, Personalized To Your Unique Wellness Needs

Discover 120+ delectable, affordable, easy-to-make Ayurvedic meals & snacks. And harness the fundamentals of Dosha-personalized nutrition to elevate great natural food into your greatest medicine.

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An online course featuring wisdom and recipes from:

Dr. Puja Shah

The Natural Law Chief Content Office

Myra Lewin

 Founder of Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga

Christine Tara Peterson

PhD, Ayurveda & Yoga Practitioner & Researcher

Rachelle Robinett

Founder of Pharmakon Supernatural

Divya Alter

Co-founder of Bhagavat Life & Chef-Owner of Divya’s Kitchen

When your food drains your health, energy, and longevity every day… what are you supposed to eat?

From ultra-processed convenience meals pumped with chemicals, to fake “health food” that’s actually anything but, the modern world is a tricky place to eat well in.

Even the well-meaning experts can’t get their stories straight. One minute fat is bad, next it’s good. Today, vegetables are great, and tomorrow, you’re advised to cut out many of them.

When there are traps in every corner, and the rules are constantly changing, choosing the right food can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge.

But thanks to the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda, you don’t need to let poor food choices take a toll on your health or your quality of life.

Ayurveda shows you the truth about healthy eating - and the truth will set you free.

In Ayurveda, food is the greatest way to embrace the gifts of Mother Nature. 

By focusing on natural ingredients that restore balance, energy, and well-being, Ayurveda presents a time-tested and timeless approach to nutrition that can be tailored to each person’s unique needs and Doshic constitution.

Through Ayurvedic nutrition, it becomes clear that:

Healthy food is personalized; everyone is different, and what’s right for you won’t be for another…

Healthy food is beautifully balanced and diverse; you never need to restrict yourself to a narrow selection of ingredients or “diet food”…

Healthy food is easy and affordable, the right ingredients are everywhere, and you can prepare many amazing meals in minutes without breaking the bank…

Healthy food is delicious; it never needs to be bland, and it can be absolutely bursting with sumptuous flavors and textures!

A complete health and wellness transformation through Ayurvedic food

Accelerated healing

Enhanced immunity & illness prevention

Better digestion

Lowered inflammation

Energy & vitality

Joy, purpose & connection


Mental clarity & emotional wellness

Improved sleep quality

Weight management

Improved nutrient absorption

Balanced Doshas

Introducing the only guide you’ll ever need to Ayurvedic cooking & nutrition

Ayurvedic Cooking is The Natural Law’s definitive online course for mastering Ayurvedic nutrition and preparing irresistible food the Ayurvedic way.

From in-depth video lessons and tutorials, to Dosha-tailored recipes, virtual cooking classes, and much more, you get everything you need to prepare delicious, nourishing, and affordable recipes for you and your family in just minutes a day.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand the truth about food, nutrition, and your body’s needs. You’ll know exactly what ingredients and herbs to stock up on during your next grocery run. And you’ll have a wealth of mouth-watering recipes for every Dosha to satisfy you and your family’s cravings for years to come.

Explore the Ayurvedic Cooking course curriculum

Part 1: The Six Tastes in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, food is grouped into six forms of tastes, known as “Shad Rasas”. Your journey begins with an exploration of these tastes, the impact they have on your overall wellness, and how to choose the right combination of tastes to balance your Doshas and optimize your health, your energy levels, and your emotional and mental wellbeing.

1. A comprehensive guide to the six tastes: discover the best food that embodies each taste, and the impact each taste has on different organs and body functions.

2. Tastes versus Doshas: find out which tastes can be used to balance each of the Doshas, and which ones to minimize for specific Doshas.

3. Eating outside the box: learn how to combine different tastes in inventive and refreshing ways to create perfectly balanced meals.

Part 2: Understanding Agni & Ama

Next, you’ll dive into two of the most vital concepts in Ayurvedic nutrition: optimizing your Agni and Ama. Agni, the biological fire within us, shapes your digestion, metabolism, and nutrient absorption. Whereas Ama, the toxic byproduct of undigested food, is something you’ll want to minimize and get rid of, before it impacts your body’s functions and triggers various illnesses.

1. 7 easy ways to balance your Agni: from widely available food and herbs, to simple lifestyle tweaks, discover how you can achieve and sustain balance of your biological fire.

2. Strengthening your Agni according to your Dosha: gain personalized Dosha-specific tips to improve your Agni, and in turn boost your immunity and vitality.

3. “Innocent” food combinations that rapidly multiply Ama: discover and avoid the specific combinations of otherwise wholesome foods that cause the harmful build-up of Ama.

Part 3: Seasons & Spices

As you reach the halfway point, you’ll be immersed in two more crucial topics in Ayurvedic nutrition: shifting your food, lifestyle, and wellness practices to align with each of the four seasons; and using the right herbs and spices as seasonal health boosts, flavor enhancers, and nutritional supplements.

1. The four season survival guide: discover the Dosha associated with each season, and how to keep yourself balanced and in radiant health and energy, with the arrival of every new season.

2. Ayurveda’s most potent spices: find out which spices are best for each season, and how to add them to your cooking to enhance every meal’s flavor and medicinal value.

3. The herbs that heal: whether you’re stocking up from the store or planting your own herbal garden, this guide will help you make the most of Mother Nature’s most generous healing herbs.

Part 4: Ingredients & Doshas

Your dominant Dosha – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha – determines your dietary needs for keeping your body and mind in ideal health and harmony. Here you’ll discover the exact ingredients, herbs, and spices you’ll want to use the most in your cooking, and which you should minimize to keep your immunity and energy high.

1. Vata’s best ingredients: discover the ingredients that provide the warmth, moisture, and grounding Vata individuals need to counter dryness, lightness, and cold.

2. Pitta’s best ingredients: learn about the cooling, soothing, and hydrating ingredients you should focus on if you’re a Pitta, to soothe your Dosha’s fiery heat and acidity.

3. Kapha’s best ingredients: get the definitive list of light, dry, and stimulating ingredients that perfectly counteract the heavy sluggishness associated with Kapha.

Part 5: Ayurvedic Recipes

For your final chapter, it’s time to have some fun with a curated selection of Dr. Puja and friends’ favorite Ayurvedic meals. Far more than just Indian food, you’ll find delightful and easy-to-make recipes for every palate, including spiced oatmeal and porridge breakfasts, rich and creamy fruit smoothies and puddings, inventive stir fries and stews, and traditional Ayurvedic favorites like Golden Milk and vegetable curries.

Meet your Ayurvedic food coach, Dr. Puja Shah

Ayurvedic Cooking is presented by Dr. Puja Shah, a medical professional, award-winning author, and co-founder of The Natural Law. Dr. Puja’s first encounter with Ayurveda was as a child observing her grandmother, who swore by Ayurvedic food and remedies until her final days at the age of 93. And so while her education includes 9 years of medical training as a dentist, 3 teaching qualifications in yoga, and dozens of courses in meditation, Ayurveda remains her most cherished and trusted solution for holistic wellness.

A large number of the recipes, ingredients, and wisdom presented in Ayurvedic Cooking come from Dr. Puja’s own family vault. She uses many of them to this day in her own family, and can’t wait for you to share them with yours.

FREE Bonus Training: 4x masterclass recordings with Ayurvedic nutrition experts

These exclusive sessions are curated from The Optimal Living Ayurvedic Summit and offered as a complimentary gift with Ayurvedic Cooking.

Session 1

Balancing Agni For Better Digestion, Metabolism & Healing w/ Myra Lewin

Join veteran Ayurveda practitioner Myra Lewin for a deep dive into the practice of balancing Agni, and how you can harness it to improve your metabolism and digestion, eliminate waste, and accelerate overall healing.

Session 2

Ayurvedic Herbs That Heal Your Gut & Empower You w/ Christine Tara Peterson

Combining her scientific background in microbiology and immunology with Ayurvedic medicine, Christine Tara Peterson, PhD, reveals the gut microbiome’s critical role in overall health, and how it can be strengthened by specific Ayurvedic herbs.

Session 3

Herbalism 101: Understanding The Herbs with Rachelle Robinett

Embark on a journey into Ayurvedic herbs with seasoned herbalist and educator Rachelle Robinett, as she shows you how to incorporate herbs into your daily routine, and how even basic herbs like parsley can be used to great effect.

Session 4

Ayurvedic Cooking Class: Minestrone Soup With A Twist w/ Divya Alter

Divya Alter, one of today’s foremost Ayurvedic chefs and co-founder of the first Ayurvedic culinary school, leads a cooking class that shows you how to infuse Ayurvedic principles into your favorite recipes: starting with the crowd-pleasing minestrone soup.

FREE Bonus Resource: Dosha food guideline charts for choosing the best food for you

From fruits and vegetables, to herbs, spices, teas, and other ingredients, these handy charts help you understand at a glance the food that’s good (and not so good) for you and your loved ones’ Doshas.

We recommend printing the relevant charts, and displaying them in your kitchen as your personalized ingredient guidelines. You can then use them for years to come to prepare the best meals for optimal health and nutrition.

Ayurvedic Cooking will send you to food heaven… or your money back!

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Special launch discount: 

Special launch discount: order now and get

50% off Ayurvedic Cooking

For a very limited time, we’re celebrating the launch of Ayurvedic Cooking with a generous 50% discount. This is your one-time-only chance to be one of the first in the world to experience this brand new course, and get it for the unbeatable price of just $49.

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2. FREE 4x bonus masterclass recordings: featuring in-depth sessions with a selection of today’s leading Ayurveda and natural wellness experts.

3. FREE Dosha food guidelines charts: a convenient resource to help you and your family choose the right foods, and minimize the foods that don’t match your constitution.

4. 7-day money back guarantee: try the entire course with total peace of mind, and claim a full refund if you’re not satisfied in any way whatsoever.

5. 50% off launch special: enjoy a generous discount when you become one of the first people in the world to experience the Ayurvedic Cooking course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our philosophy for Ayurvedic nutrition is that it needs to work for most people – meaning it can’t be too difficult, troublesome, or time-consuming. That’s why we’ve designed this course and the recipes in it, to fit even the busiest schedules. In fact, you’ll find many recipes that can be completed in just minutes.


The vast majority of ingredients recommended in the course are easy to find at virtually any well-stocked grocery store, and most don’t require any special cooking tools or skills either. And if there’s anything you can’t find in your neighborhood, finding it online should be easy.

Absolutely! Ayurvedic Cooking contains tutorials, guidelines, and recipes for every Dosha type, meaning you’ll have everything you need to fulfill the nutritional requirements of everyone in your household.

The Ayurvedic Cooking Course focuses on food for general health and wellbeing according to your Dosha. We recommend consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner if you need nutritional advice for an illness. That said, Ayurveda does associate specific health conditions with specific Doshas, and eating according to your Dosha may help you address many of the common imbalances, characteristics, and health issues that come with it.