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Join our Ayurvedic Detox Journey, and welcome the sunshine season with a rejuvenated body, mind, and soul

A 10-day Ayurvedic cleansing journey you can experience at your own pace.

Welcome the summer with a Purified, Balanced & Rejuvenated you

As the seasons change, so too do our own personal needs and rhythms. The heat and dryness of the summer transforms our nutritional requirements. It shifts how we digest food and hydrate our bodies. And it even triggers new potential imbalances in our Doshas – particularly the fiery Pitta Dosha.

In Ayurveda, the best way to welcome the summer (and any new season) is to start with a detox that cleanses the toxins you accumulated throughout the outgoing season.

This allows you to embrace the new season with a clean slate – and stay cool, hydrated, and healthy through the summer months.

The Ayurvedic detoxification method prescribes a three-part approach that completely cleanses the body, mind, and soul and restores peak immunity and vitality.

Purification, Dosha balancing, and rejuvenation: these are the three pillars you’ll be guided through during this 10-day journey. All through easy-to-follow daily lessons and practices that take just minutes a day.

In just 10 minutes a day, this online journey will help you…

Purify your body:

By stimulating your natural detox processes and flushing out toxins accumulated throughout the year.

Soothe your gut

Giving you better digestion and gut function throughout the summer and beyond.

Stay hydrated and energized

By knowing how and when to drink water, and engage in physical activity that restores your vitality.

Boost your mental clarity

For calm, focus, stress resilience, and a more positive state of mind, no matter what life brings.

Embrace healthier habits

Through healthy daily routines (Dinacharya) that you’ll effortlessly stick to.

Explore your detox schedule

Each day includes a lesson and/or Ayurvedic detox exercises - just set aside 10 minutes on each day to follow along:

Day 1

The Journey Begins
You’ll start by exploring the Ayurvedic approach to detoxification, and how to adopt a lifestyle of purity through sustainable daily habits.

Day 2

Oral Hygiene:

The Gateway To Health

Keep yourself optimally hydrated daily through Ayurvedic principles that purify, rejuvenate, and balance you through the right combination and timing of liquids.

Day 3

The Elixir Of Wellness
Keep yourself optimally hydrated daily through Ayurvedic principles that purify, rejuvenate, and balance you through the right combination and timing of liquids.

Day 4

Cleansing From Within
Harness the Ayurvedic herbal concoction known as Triphala to support your body’s elimination processes, and keep yourself cleansed from within.

Day 5

Light Movement:
Harmonizing Energy
Learn how to support your physical and mental wellbeing through light Ayurvedic physical activity that restores balance and re-energizes you.

Day 6

Mental Detox
Discover how you can use meditation to supercharge your detoxification process, purify your mind, and reclaim your mental clarity.

Day 7

The Act Of Self-Love
Experience the revered Ayurvedic self-massage technique for melting away stress, improving circulation, and rebalancing your metabolism.

Day 8

Igniting The Digestive Fire
Improve your digestion and nutrient absorption, while eliminating toxins by learning how to enhance your digestive fire, known in Ayurveda as your Agni.

Day 9

Wholesome Food:
The Foundation Of Harmony
Apply simple adjustments to your diet and learn simple recipes that turn your daily meals into powerful detox and purification boosters.

Day 10

Lifelong Balance:
The Ayurvedic Path

Your Journey ends with a guide on how to lock in the positive changes you’ve made; and keep yourself cleansed and pure on a daily basis through simple daily habits.

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Ayurvedic Summer Detox Journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. We are fully aware that summer and the time leading up to it can be hectic for many people. That’s why we’ve designed the journey to take just 10 minutes daily, so even the busiest person can follow along.

You can begin the journey whenever you like; and although we recommend staying as consistent as possible once you get started, you can also take a day or two off and catch up later if you get too busy.

A. An Ayurvedic detox is a holistic experience that will positively impact your body, mind, and soul.

By flushing out your toxins, you can expect to feel a rejuvenated sense of energy and far better clarity of mind. Some healthy weight loss may also start to occur.

Your digestion and gut function will improve, leaving you feeling lighter, less bloated, and with a great sense of balance.

You’ll also be primed with new healthy habits that will stick with you for the long term and that will even elevate your sense of self and purpose, allowing you to effortlessly step into the identity and lifestyle of a holistically healthy person.

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