Master Your Dosha For A Lifetime Of Unshakable Health, Wellness & Bliss

Your personalized Dosha Mastery Course guides you through every step of balancing your Dosha and designing a life of holistic wellbeing.

Featuring the world's leading Ayurveda experts

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Global spiritual leader & humanitarian

Deepak Chopra

Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Dr. Trupti Gokani

Neurologist, Ayurveda Expert & Author

Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurvedic physician & professor

Sankari Wegman, Ph.D

Ayurvedic clinician

Dr. Marc Halpern

President of the California College of Ayurveda

Mas Vidal

Director Dancing Shiva School of Ayurveda, Author

Nisha Khanna, MD

Board-certified internist, functional medicine Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Paul J. Morehead, Ph.D

Associate Dean, Maharishi International University

Sahara Rose

Podcast host, author & speaker

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

Ayurvedic physician

Dr. Thomas Yarema, MD

Physician, medical director, author

An in-depth guide to your Dosha, your unique needs, and your personal path to healing and lifelong wellness

In the science of Ayurveda, your Dosha symbolizes your personal body composition; and your connection to the five elements of life: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether.

By taking our quiz and discovering your Dosha, you’ve gained a powerful insight into your unique needs, and your personal strengths and weaknesses.

The next step is to master your Dosha, by exploring its intricacies: and creating a personalized game plan for optimizing your health and wellbeing.

Our Dosha Mastery Course guides you through this journey, with the world’s leading Ayurveda experts coaching you towards lifelong mastery of your Dosha. Your wellness. And yourself.

Your Dosha Mastery Course helps you balance your Dosha and achieve your wellness goals, including:

Healing of body, mind, and spirit

Preventing and treating illnesses

Finding and addressing the root cause of illnesses

Returning your energy and vitality

Reversing premature aging

Freedom from harmful or unnecessary medication

Improving digestion and reducing bloating

Improving cardiovascular health

Better quality of sleep

Skin health

Reducing pain and inflammation

Migraine management

Weight management

Hormonal balancing

Boosting immunity

Detoxification and restoring purity

Relieving stress and anxiety

A sense of purpose, fulfillment, and bliss

What’s in your Dosha Mastery Course

Each part is tailor-made to your Dosha, ensuring every section of the course is tailor-made to you and your unique needs.

Part 1

Understanding your Dosha

Your journey begins with an overview of your Dosha: including its unique characteristics, the potential health challenges that come with it, and the tools and practices you can start using to bring it back to balance.

Part 2

Food for Dosha Mastery

Next, you’ll explore the Dosha-friendly food types, ingredients, and recipes you’ll want to add more of to your diet – and the ones you’ll want to avoid or cut out completely. This includes how to adapt your diet to the seasons, so you can stay in peak wellness all year round.

Part 3

Daily practices for Dosha Mastery

It’s also important to tailor your daily routines and habits to be aligned with your Dosha. Here you’ll discover the most rewarding wellness practices and rituals for you, and how to effortlessly weave them into your daily schedule.

Part 4

Herbs for Dosha Mastery

Mother Nature offers an entire ‘pharmacy’ of herbs and spices for healing, pain and stress relief, relaxation, and more: and you’ll discover not only the best ones to use for your Dosha, but also how and when to use them for the best possible outcomes.

Part 5

Creating your Dosha Mastery 10-day routine

The last step of your journey is in bringing together everything you’ve learned about yourself and your Dosha, into a tangible 10-day Dinacharya routine designed to balance, heal, and energize you. This rewarding and easy-to-follow daily routine will serve as the foundation of your lifelong wellness practice, so you always know the exact steps to take to preserve your health, and return to wellness when needed.

And by the time you complete the Dosha Mastery Course, you’ll emerge with…


A deep understanding of yourself and your personal needs for health, wellness, and longevity, so you never need to feel lost or second-guess your choices again.


Unshakable health and wellness, so you fall sick less often, and return to health faster when you do.


An accurate understanding of the root causes behind your pain, illnesses, fatigue, or health.


Resilience to stress and anxiety, with peace, bliss, and stillness as your new natural default states.


Personalized food and herb recommendations that match your Dosha’s unique needs, and energize and nourish you all day, every day.


The best Ayurvedic tools and daily wellness practices to harness the power of your Dosha and correct any imbalances, in just minutes a day.


Personalized food and herb recommendations that match your Dosha’s unique needs, and energize and nourish you all day, every day.

Get two FREE bonuses when you enroll now ($89.95 value)

1. Dosha Mastery Courses for all three Doshas ($59.98 value)

In addition to your own Dosha Mastery Course, you’ll also get access to the full courses for the remaining two Dosha types. You can study these if you’d like to better understand the wellness needs of a loved one or family member – or even if you’re just curious about how different Doshas shape us into unique individuals.

2. Dosha Mastery guided meditation audio set ($29.97 value)

This set of guided meditation audios gives you three unique inward journeys, tailor-made to your Dosha. No meditation experience is needed: just relax, press play, and treat yourself to a profound session of stillness, wellness, and perfect balance for you and your Dosha.

Each audio is presented by Dr. Puja Shah, co-founder of The Natural Law. We recommend enjoying yours a few times a week, or whenever you need a moment of deep healing and relaxation.

Join a first-of-its-kind online course for Ayurvedic health & wellness.

The Dosha Mastery Course

The Dosha Mastery Course includes:

Full access to the 5-part Dosha Mastery Course, featuring easy-to-follow training videos with the world’s leading Ayurveda experts

FREE Dosha Mastery Guided Meditation set, featuring 3x guided meditation audios tailored to your Dosha ($29.97 value)

FREE Dosha Mastery Courses for the remaining two Doshas, so you can understand the wellness needs of your loved ones ($79.98 value)

Support and guidance from our dedicated team of Ayurvedic counselors

Support and guidance from our dedicated team of Ayurvedic counselors

The Dosha Mastery


Not sure? Try the course for 7 days before you commit

We want you to be overjoyed with this investment in your wellbeing. – and it’s only natural you may want to try it out before deciding if it’s for you.

That’s why, with our refund policy, you can test drive the course for up to 7 days and get 100% of your money back if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

If you require a refund, email us at for a fast and friendly resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The Dosha Mastery Course is perfect for busy people; each lesson only takes 10 minutes or less to complete. That said, you will need some extra time to practice your learnings and adopt your new Dosha-aligned lifestyle: but just go at your own pace and stay consistent, and you’ll see your small changes stack up into big wins over time.

The majority of wellness practices and dietary changes recommended to you will be very easy to apply. Some are just simple adjustments to your meal and sleep times. Others might recommend adding specific herbs or ingredients you can easily find at your local supermarket, or reducing certain foods in your diet. There are certain Ayurvedic practices that may require more specialized tools or ingredients, but these are optional, and you should still be able to find what you need in your neighborhood.

You’ll emerge from the course with a game plan for radiant health that’s personalized to you and your Dosha. You’ll gain a new daily routine that keeps you energized, alert, and focused throughout the day. You’ll know exactly what to eat more of (and what to avoid) to protect your health and vitality, and improve your digestion and overall health. You’ll understand the root causes of what may be causing you pain or illness. And most importantly, you’ll have a deeper connection to yourself, and an intuitive understanding of your needs for a long life of unshakable wellness.