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Welcome to the affiliate center for The Optimal Living Ayurveda Summit 2023

We are so excited that you are joining us to help spread awareness of the 5000-year-old science of Ayurveda – which translates to the science of life. Ayurveda aims to restore balance and bring us into harmony with nature, and at its core, believes that every human’s birthright is radical health.

We hope this Summit will enrich the lives of many and help raise the vibration of our planet while helping you support your community to live their healthiest, happiest, fullest lives. Thank you for helping us move some Himalayan-sized mountains!

About The Summit

The Optimal Living Ayurveda Summit is a free three-day online event that brings together today’s best Ayurvedic experts for an unprecedented deep dive into nature’s best wisdom for health, healing, and happiness.

From holistic healing and nourishing food and herbs to longevity, beauty, spiritual alignment, and more – the Summit features highly relevant and easily applicable knowledge anyone can harness to start living better today.

Known as a sister science to yoga and meditation, Ayurveda completes the Eastern health triangle and is rapidly gaining attention in the United States. The time for this timeless science of wellness is now!

The Summit features 30+ of the world’s leading experts, including renowned spiritual teachers, healers, doctors, thought leaders, and more, as they present Ayurveda’s principles of reclaiming lifelong health and vitality by living in perfect flow with nature.

When you share the Summit with your audience, they will be invited to a free three-day all-access pass that allows them to participate in all the sessions fully.

We hope this event will be an extraordinary resource for all your followers who have had even the slightest curiosity about topics like natural healing, holistic wellness, and modalities like yoga and meditation. And, of course, we’ve also designed it to be a lucrative wealth-generation platform for you.

Promotion window

This virtual Summit will take place between November 3rd to 5th.

We invite our Affiliate Partners to promote the Summit between October 23rd and November 2nd.

  • Launch:promotion starts on October 23rd – Send to the landing page of the Summit;
  • Social: Use one of our done-for-you social media graphics to promote the summit opt-in;
  • Email: Resend your first email to unopened using a different subject line;
  • Email: November 1st / 2rd: 24 – 48 hour email reminding your audience that the movie is about to launch

View the promotion calendar below

Core audience

This Summit is for anyone who has an urgent health goal or health challenge to overcome and also for anyone who’s just curious about how to live a healthier, happier, fuller life in accordance with nature’s wisdom.

Personal growth, spirituality, meditation, and yoga communities will all be naturally drawn to this event, as will Ayurveda and holistic wellness enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge.

The scope of topics presented is wide and covers various areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being – including illnesses like cancer, diabetes, blood and heart issues, stress and anxiety relief, beauty, anti-aging, longevity, healing herbs and food, and much more.

About the funnel

The Summit’s key feature is three days of immersive virtual talks and workshops, each presented by a world-renowned Ayurveda expert.

Every step of the way, audiences are presented with our core offer: a groundbreaking online membership program – priced at $199 / year, with an upsell – that combines personalized telemedicine consultations, personalized meal plans, and health tracker.

Each affiliate will be paid 50% on the main annual offering ($199 HANA membership) and $49.6 for each upsell product sold. The upsell is calculated at 40% payout on the upsell sold at $199. The 40% is calculated after COGS (valued at $75). Which means that the 40% is paid from $124 and that the affiliate cut for the upsell is $49.6 

The summit is the gateway to discovery. By combining ancient wisdom with modern tech, the membership program elevates that discovery into tangible results in health, wellness, and natural healing for our audience and their loved ones.

Participants who registered for the summit will be entered to win a free 7-day trip to BALI, gain free access to The Natural Law film, and have the option to pre-purchase the summit content in a converting $39 tripwire product. Each affiliate will be paid 40% on the tripwire product.

Enter your details to unlock your 3-day online viewing pass for The Natural Law.

Bottom line: Promoting this completely free summit will be a tremendous revenue source for you and YOUR mission! Plus, it will give you some massive Karma points!

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Follow-up Emails to Unopens

We suggest (for prize money’s sake) sending and posting early in the promo window – August 8th would be the best place to start.  We then recommend you follow up with a reminder email to anyone who hasn’t opened or do a follow up story or reel.  Even a video of you watching The Natural Law with a link in your bio on social media will knock it out of the park!

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Tips For Better Results in Email


Add a personal touch. This is a personal movie and speaking to the heart. What you are saying should as well. Share a little about why you think this is important, or if you have seen the film, what you thought of it. And, if you know Amish – share a little about him too. Make it your own. You are part of this launch for a reason.


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Social Media Assets

Tips for Better Results on Social


If you want Amish to do a live on Instagram or Facebook with us – just reach out! He has a pretty packed podcast schedule, but this is his soul mission so we know he will make time for you. Post it live during the promo window. Email to coordinate


Stitching together a video about Ayurveda could be an awesome way to get traffic to your link . 


Post a video or image of you watching The Natural Law Summit with some healthy snacks or a cup of tea. Make people feel like it is a viewing party and they are getting to enjoy it with you.  


Post a video of you doing something Ayurvedic that people didn’t even know was actually from Ayurveda – examples include:

  1. Oil pulling
  2. Tongue scraping
  3. Taking adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Turmeric
  4. Drinking a turmeric latte … who doesn’t do that !!!
  5. Cooking with Ghee
  6. Meditating
  7. Practicing yoga
  8. Journaling
  9. Fasting (yes, Ayurveda recommends fasting once a month)
  10. Breath work

Talking Points

Here are some fast facts you can share about this movie. Remember that your audience will respond better if you put this into the context of your work or personal message.

You’re invited to the free Summit by The Natural Law.
This Summit is for anyone seeking urgent answers, but it’s also for those who are healthy and just want to be healthier.
The Summit features some of the world’s top healers, spiritual teachers, scientists, and doctors to help us understand and apply the science of Ayurveda to transform our health and our lives.
The Summit will teach you ways to transform your health, body, and life through the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda that has been used to help billions worldwide.
This Summit is a must for anyone seeking solutions to the wellness crises facing humanity. It teaches us how to protect ourselves in the modern world, prevent and manage illness, and take our health and wellness back into our own hands.
Some of the health challenges Ayurveda can help with include stress and anxiety, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol, allergies, obesity, digestion problems, migraines, sleep disorders, and so much more.

This Summit gives you a path to understanding your unique needs as an individual. No three wellness paths are the same, your best food, herbs, and treatments all depend on your constitution and personal circumstances.

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