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Welcome to the affiliate center for the 2023 Natural Law Movie Launch.

We are so excited that you are joining us to help spread awareness of the 5000 year old science of Ayurveda – which translates to the science of life. Ayurveda aims to restore balance, bring us into harmony with nature and at its core believes that every human’s birth right is radical health.  

We hope this movie will enrich the lives of many and help raise the vibration of our planet, while helping you support your community to live their most radically fulfilled lives. Thank you for helping us move some Himalayan sized mountains!   

We have already won 4 film festivals and for the first time are releasing this film to the masses with a free limited time viewing window.

About The Natural Law Program

This special viewing of The Natural law is a film that takes viewers on a journey of re-discovering health through the ancient science and wisdom of Ayurveda. The film profiles Amish Shah’s journey back to health after finding massive financial success at a young age and subsequently suffering extreme illness, highlighting that even with massive wealth, without health we have nothing.  

Ayurveda, considered the sister science to Yoga and Meditation, completes the eastern triangle of health and it is gaining rapid attention in the United States.  

The movie takes us through a journey interviewing 40 of the world’s top experts including well known spiritual teachers, doctors, influencers, and gurus. Ayurveda’s premise is living in a state of flow with nature and focuses on regular detoxification of mind, body and spirit while teaching its students the medicinal qualities of plants and the elements of the natural world.  Ayurvedic science was so advanced in its medical astuteness that it has rich texts on the body, mind, addiction, elements and even advanced surgical techniques from 5000 years ago.

When you share this offer with your audience they will be invited into a free limited time viewing window and offered a glimpse into the ancient world, offering a modern day solution.  

We hope this screening will be an extraordinary resource for all of your followers who have had even the slightest curiosity about yoga, meditation and a path for a more fulfilled, healthy and balanced life. And we plan to make this a great money making opportunity to help support you on your mission.

Promotion window

This online premier will air August 25th, and our community will be able to watch the film for free for a limited time only. 

We invite our Affiliate Partners to promote the documentary between August 8th and 26th.  

Below you can see our suggested mailing strategy. 

  • Launch: Email August 8th – Send to general movie launch or, ebook email.
  • Social: Use one of our done for you social media graphics to promote the movie opt in.
  • Email: Resend your first email to unopened using a different subject line.
  • Email: August 23 / 24: 24-48 hour email reminding your audience that the movie is about to launch.
  • August 25th : Movie goes live! Post a social media image of you watching the film now that it is live or testimonial video.
  • Email: August 26th – Send testimonials video about your experience with the movie add your own commentary.
  • Email: Post movie August 26 – Sept 17 – mail directly to the dosha quiz.
  • Email: Master Class : copy coming soon.

We will be following this movie launch with a free 2-day Ayurvedic summit / experience with the promotional window October 23 – Nov 3 featuring some of the world’s top yogis, gurus, scientists and influencers. 

View the promotion calendar below

Core audience

Anyone who likes to watch movies! Since this is considered the premiere, this movie will appeal to everyone. Yogis, and meditators will have a natural inclination to watch the film but as we have tested it over all audience groups and won multiple awards and film festivals we know this is a massive value add.  

Interviews touch on gut issues, depression, hormone balancing, paediatrics, cancer, detoxification, love and relationships and the biggest marker of all – happiness.

About the funnel

The Natural Law is powered by a captivating multi-phase funnel. The funnel begins with access to our ecosystem through our award-winning documentary film.

After watching the film, audiences are guided through a series of high-performing engagement assets: including a Dosha quiz, recorded post-film masterclass (Sept 7) , and a series of emails that educate them on the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda.

Every step of the way, audiences are presented with our core offer: a groundbreaking online membership program – priced between $1,497 and $197, with a series of resonant upsells – that combines personalized Ayurvedic remedies, telemedicine consultations, community, and education from today’s leading Ayurvedic practitioners.

Lifetime access for our founding members is offered through Sept 17th!!!! THIS IS AN UNHEARD OF SAVINGS AND UNFORGETTABLE UPSELL!

Each affiliate will be paid 50% on all digital offerings ($197 HANA membership), and 40% payout on practitioner-led purchases ($697 & $1497).

The film is the gateway to discovery. And by combining ancient wisdom with modern tech, the membership program elevates that discovery into tangible results in health, wellness, and natural healing for our audience and their loved ones.

The final step of the launch is The Natural Law Summit: a virtual event featuring all the top experts from the film and other leading natural wellness experts from around the world, as they educate and transform our global audience through two days of Ayurvedic talks and workshops.

Participants who registered will be entered to win a free 7-day trip to BALI, gain free access to the movie and have the option to pre-purchase the summit / virtual retreat content in high converting $12.97 tripwire product.

Each affiliate will be paid 50% on all digital offerings ($12.97 tripwire product & $197 HANA membership), and 40% pay out on practitioner-led purchases ($697 & $1497).

Bottom line: Promoting this completely free movie will be a tremendous revenue source for you and YOUR mission! Plus, it will give you some massive Karma points!

How to use the copy we provide

We have an amazing team of copywriters and have tested all of our landers but we are not you.  We know you have a unique voice and your audience knows, loves and trusts you because of it.  Please use our copy, images, and ideas as much as you would like but feel free to take some creative liberties.  

Every time you see [first name] we suggest you include that or substitute for something like “friend.” We have also tested our subject lines and suggest putting your recipient’s first name in; but again – you know your audience and your voice best.  

Follow-up Emails to Unopens

We suggest (for prize money’s sake) sending and posting early in the promo window – August 8th would be the best place to start.  We then recommend you follow up with a reminder email to anyone who hasn’t opened or do a follow up story or reel.  Even a video of you watching The Natural Law with a link in your bio on social media will knock it out of the park!

Don’t forget after your first email goes out to wait 1-2 days and send it to anyone who didn’t open your first email. Use a new subject line and mix up the first paragraph of your email.

Tips For Better Results in Email


Add a personal touch. This is a personal movie and speaking to the heart. What you are saying should as well. Share a little about why you think this is important, or if you have seen the film, what you thought of it. And, if you know Amish – share a little about him too. Make it your own. You are part of this launch for a reason.


Email delivery messages that contain fewer than four hyperlinks have a higher likelihood of reaching inboxes and Gmail primary folders. The swipe copy we provide usually includes three hyperlink slots for this reason so while we want you to get creative –  don’t go crazy.


The little things count. Using a capital letter for the first word of the subject line and lowercase letters for the rest yielded better results than using all caps. We also recommend avoiding the use of spam filter-triggering words like “FREE” in the subject line.

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Social Media Assets

Tips for Better Results on Social


If you want Amish to do a live on Instagram or Facebook with us – just reach out! He has a pretty packed podcast schedule, but this is his soul mission so we know he will make time for you. Post it live during the promo window. Email to coordinate


Stitching together a video about Ayurveda could be an awesome way to get traffic to your link – here’s a link to a bunch of content ideas for you.


Post a video or image of you watching The Natural Law with some healthy snacks or a cup of tea. Make people feel like it is a viewing party and they are getting to enjoy it with you.  


Post a video of you doing something Ayurvedic that people didn’t even know was actually from Ayurveda – examples include:

  1. Oil pulling
  2. Tongue scraping
  3. Taking adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Turmeric
  4. Drinking a turmeric latte … who doesn’t do that !!!
  5. Cooking with Ghee
  6. Meditating
  7. Practicing yoga
  8. Journaling
  9. Fasting (yes, Ayurveda recommends fasting once a month)
  10. Breath work

Talking Points

Here are some fast facts you can share about this movie. Remember that your audience will respond better if you put this into the context of your work or personal message.

You’re invited to the free screening of The Natural Law. This life changing film will only be available for a limited period of time.

The Natural Law film interviews some of the world’s top spiritual teachers, gurus, scientists and doctors to help us access the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the secrets of the sages and gurus.

The Natural Law features an all star cast such as Deepak Chopra, Peter Crone, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Dr. Vasant, Lad, Mas Vidal, Sahara Rose and many more!

As an exciting bonus, you’ll receive a special downloadable Ayurvedic book.

The Natural Law film will teach you ways to transform your life and body through the ancient wisdom that has been known for centuries in India.

This film is a must-see for anyone who cares about the fate of health on our planet.  It teaches prevention in the most simple way and allows us to become our own doctors in the sea full of noise.

Ayurveda has been used for 5000+ years and is the basis for many holistic hospitals in India.

The Natural Law is a story of hope and solutions to some of our most challenging health problems, including mental health, cancer, hormonal imbalances, disease and toxicity.

The Natural Law film offers a mind opening look into the fascinating ancient world of Ayurveda which can be an essential ally in efforts to restore balance and harmony to our bodies, minds and spirits.

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